Explanation to the control system of plastic granulator

Plastic granulator control system is comprised of heating system, transmission system, cooling system and process parameter measurement system, mainly by electrical appliances, instruments and actuators (that is, control panel and workstation).The main function of plastic granulator control system is: control and adjust the main auxiliary drive motor for its speed, power, output to meet the process requirements, and main auxiliary are adopted for coordination; run testing and adjusting temperature, pressure and flow; Realize automatic control of the whole device. The electrical control of the extrusion device can be categorized into two parts: operation control and temperature control, which realizes the extrusion process including temperature, pressure controlling and cooling.
1, plastic granulator diameter control
According to above, in order to ensure the cable diameter of the product, and control line core dimensional tolerance, extrusion temperature, screw speed and traction device, the control line speed and outer diameter measurement should also be ensured. For plastic pelleting unit equipment, test the cable diameter at any time according to feedback of the error signal by adjusting the traction or screw speed, diameter.

2, plastic granulator screw speed control
For plastic granulator screw speed adjusting, stability is an important t for host transmission. Screw speed determines the number of products and speed, normal production that achieve high income as much as possible. Because the fluctuation of speed will lead to the fluctuated impact extrusion quality, the cable diameter shall be changed if the traction line speed does not change.
3, plastic granulator host temperature control
Plastic wire and cable insulation sleeve are characterized by viscous flows based on thermoplastic deformation. In addition, the requirements of the plastic granulator screw and external heating, plastic melt extrusion, and the self-heating spiral extrusion, the temperature requirements of the host should be considered overall, therefore the cooling of hot screw shall be taken into consideration. Inspection on the installation method of the thermocouple are required, and can be conducted according to temperature control instrument who can reflect the actual temperature of each component. The precision of the temperature control instrument should be well matched to the machine. The stability of the temperature control system of the whole plastic granulator shall meet the requirements of various plastic extrusion demand.

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