Bearing of pellet cutting machine

Anyone who knows more about pellet cutting machine knows that bearings are the most likely place for problems with this kind of machine. Because the bearing plays a larger role in the whole machine, and due to the impact of some factors such as serious rotational wear and tear of the bearing, the bearing is more likely to go wrong. The wholesale manufacturer of pellet cutting machine has summarized some bearing problems for you.

1. In daily maintenance, when using pellet cutting machine, we follow the machine maintenance and cleaning instructions to lubricate and maintain the bearing of the machine, so as to reduce the impact on the machine caused by the quantity and quality problems of lubricating oil.

2. Through the check on both ends of the spindle at the same level, height, or observation after the gap still gap between fixed knife is stable to determine whether two axle casing concentric, avoid spindle tilting in the two different spindle box of heart, makes the bearing in high speed rotating due to uneven when damaged, this is bearing a factor in the production of overheating, appear this kind of circumstance, should immediately stop through the spindle box of higher bolt to reposition axle box, in order to prolong the service life of bearing.

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